Research unit host coordinator:

Pantelis Skayannis
Professor of Infrastructure Policy, PRD UTH

Pantelis Skayannis (Architect AUTH, Urban & Regional Studies Sussex) is Professor of Infrastructure Policy and the Director of the Research Unit of Infrastructure, Technology Policy and Development (RUITEPOD) and of the Unit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UTH, Department of Planning and Regional Development, University of Thessaly, School of Engineering. Professor Skayannis has an extensive experience as a researcher in infrastructure development and as a regional analyst and planner and he will be a core coordinator and consultant into the methodology of this research process.

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Workshop scientific coordinator:

Dr. Io Carydi
Adjunct Lecturer, PRD UTH

Io Carydi 
is an adjunct lecturer at PRD UTH and a registered architect and planner. She holds a PhD from the NTUA School of Architecture and an MA with Distinction on Landscape Urbanism from the Architectural Association of London. Her profile combines academic research, teaching and professional practice with an international design portfolio of award winning projects and international collaborations dealing with landscape and urban infrastructures across Europe. All her three activities come under a core study interest that aims to redefine the morphology and sustainable function of infrastructures within the spatial planning discipline. Within this scope, Io has developed a critical insight for the spatial issues relating to the technological modernization of infrastructures and the socio-ecological implications of this change. Her research has been published in international journals and conference proceedings.

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Accredited Academics

Aris Sapounakis 
Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, DPRD, UTH

Aris Sapounakis is Associate Professor of architecture and urban design in the School of Planning and Regional Development of the University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece. He has more than 38 years of experience in urban and regional planning and development, domestic and commercial architecture, landscape architecture and urban design as well as social research.

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Dr. Panos Manetos

Dr. Panos Manetos is a member of EDIP at the Department of Planning and Regional Development. He has 18+ years of experience in the field of Geo-Spatial Science and applications. His fields of interest are Fuzzy applications, Integrated Urban Models, Quantitative Spatial Analysis, Web GIS applications and Spatial Databases. He also has extensive teaching experience both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, e.g. Geodesy, Cartography, Spatial Databases, GIS and Application in Geo-information). He has implement several GIS projects both in public and private sector. As a major researcher he has implement several National projects financed by for the Greek Ministry of Interior, Greek Ministry of Education, Regional Authorities, etc. Has also implement research projects financed by the European Union, the majority of which involved designing integrated and complex geo-databases. His published papers have over 170 citations, co-supervised diploma thesis is an active reviewer for International Scientific Journals.

Zaykova Elena
Associate Professor Landscape Design, RUDN UNIVERSITY

Elena Zaykova
is Associate Professor at the Department of Landscape Design and Sustainable ecosystems of Agrarian and Technological Institute of RUDN UNIVERSITY (People`s Friendship University of Russia (PFUR)), PhD in Arch. Leading Russian expert in landscape urbanism, sustainable development of urban areas, green landscape architecture and design of the cities. Graduated from Moscow Civil Engineering Institute (1991), Moscow Architectural Institute (Academy, 2000), Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (2008). Author more than 80 papers in periodic and scientific journals (5 in foreign journals). She has been a participant in more than 23 international conferences and oral presentations at the 18 of them in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and Balkan region. She is a regular expert for the assessment of landscape projects in Moscow and regions of Russia.
Elena is also the author of 6 text books for bachelor (1) and master (5, 3 – in English) student

The jury is comprised of the following people:

Pantelis Skayannis
Professor of Infrastructure Policy, DPRD UTH

Aristidis Sapounakis
Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, DP

Theoklis Kanarelis
Professor, School of Architecture, UTH
Maria Marlanti
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, NTUA

Thanos Pagonis
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, NTUA

Dr. Io Carydi
Adjunct Lecturer 407/80 DPRD, UTH
Dr. Panos Manetos

Thanos Koutsianas
Msc Holistic Science, MBA

Eirini Karathanou

The Department of Planning and Regional Development
The Research Unit of Infrastructure, Technology
Policy & Development (